CBD Improves Your Fitness Routine

Athletes everywhere are turning to CBD as their pre/post-workout supplement. Using CBD improves your fitness routine by reducing inflammation, decreasing cortisol levels, regulating insulin, improving focus and contributing to your overall recovery. Professional athletes to those looking to better their lifestyle; adding CBD to your fitness routine will improve how your feel and your recovery.

Inflammation-reliever, cortisol reduction supplement, sleep aid, blood sugar regulator, & focus enhancer

When it comes to fitness and working out, everyone has their own specific goals, dreams, and desires, and many have their own plan of how to accomplish those goals. However, there are several ways to achieve different fitness goals, especially with dedication, determination, and consistency. Unfortunately, sometimes, life throws us curveballs, which can interfere with our fitness goals. Setbacks are normal though, but it can be frustrating when the plan you had in mind doesn’t go how you planned. It’s common for people to get injured, feel burnt out, sore, and/or defeated, but what if there was a natural substance called CBD that can help you when you need it the most? Read on to find out how CBD improves your fitness journey.

CBD = Effective inflammation-reliever:

Depending on how often you exercise and how intense your workouts are, you’ve most likely experienced days where your muscles, joints, and overall body feels extremely sore. Some people push through the pain and continue working out while others wait a day or two until their body recovers. To avoid addiction and substance abuse of common anti-inflammatories there is an all natural product that can help you recover faster and better.

Fortunately, CBD improves your fitness routine by effectively reducing inflammation, which is ideal for people who have arthritis, diabetes, and other medical and/or non-medical issues. After countless days of putting stress on your muscles and joints, CBD can significantly help lessen the stress you put on your body while helping it recover faster. Due to intense workouts and regular physical exercise, it’s common for the body to feel some type of inflammation. Thankfully, CBD has proven to be an ideal inflammation-reliever, as stated by many professional athletes, body builders, and several NCBI.NLM.NIH.GOV studies.

The Linkage Between CBD & Cortisol:

The human body has an endocannabinoid system, which is triggered when CBD interacts with the brain’s two cannabinoid receptors. As a result, a direct impact occurs in various parts of the body, which leads to reactions related to inflammation, appetite, hormones, sleep, and sex drive, according to a study by NCBI.NLM.NIH.GOV. Each of these elements are essential when it comes to health and fitness, and it’s important to take care of your body aside from just being physically active.

Moreover, cortisol is a hormone that’s grouped into a family of steroid hormones, which accelerates the breakdown of proteins into amino acids, according to PrecisionNutrition. Cortisol can often lead to increased levels of stress. However, CBD can decrease plasma cortisol levels quite a bit. In general, CBD improves your fitness routine since it acts as a cortisol lowering supplement, which is widely used by athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Sleep is Just as Important as Gaining Muscle:

It’s known that sleep is crucial to maintaining a healthy body and mind but, it’s still common for people to skimp on getting adequate amounts of sleep. Lack of sleep can lead to many upsetting and unenjoyable issues like agitation/irritation, sickness, lack of motivation, and lack of energy. Recent research findings demonstrate how crucial sleep is when it comes to gaining muscle and losing fat. Therefore, it’s important to get some shut eye with as much dedication as time spent in the gym or weight room.

If you want to build and/or maintain muscle mass, sleep is essential, and, if you want to lose weight, sleep is also essential. According to an article by GymJunkies, the following quote explains the significance of sleep, “Sleep holds the same importance when it comes to muscle gain since, during the time our bodies are sleeping, minuscule muscle tears are able to rebuild and heal.” In general, CBD improves your fitness routine in terms of sleep because it helps you relax to allow you to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Furthermore, Lance Parvin, a fitness fanatic and co-founder of Compassionate Awareness Project strongly recommends medicinal cannabis, but CBD specifically for training. In an Endoca article, Parvin expressed how important sleep is when it comes to fitness, training, and overall physical activity, and he advises people to take CBD oil before they go to sleep or post-workout. Overall, CBD can significantly improve your fitness routine because it can help you achieve a much deeper REM sleep, which helps the body recover naturally.

The Relation Between Blood Sugar Levels and CBD:

On another note, if you’re interested in losing weight, consider implementing CBD into your fitness routine because CBD can lower the body’s insulin, which can lead to a boost in weight loss. Due to lowered insulin, the body can not only regulate its blood sugar better, but it also lowers the risk of obesity and type-2 diabetes.

According to, CBD oil has been found to directly help the body keep blood sugar levels where they should be. When the body’s blood sugar levels are regulated, less insulin is present, and less fat will be stored. The body then uses more fat to burn as energy, and less fat cells are created. So, if you’re looking to lose some body fat, try controlling your insulin levels through the consumption of CBD whenever you see fit.

Other Ways CBD Can Improve Your Fitness Routine:

In addition to CBD improving your fitness routine by providing inflammation-relief, it also delivers feelings of pain-relief and improvements in mental alertness, focus, and clarity. By implementing CBD into any fitness regime, athletes and fitness enthusiasts can enhance their game while improving their focus. Not to mention, they experience a quicker recovery after going hard at the gym day after day.

Overall, more athletes and active individuals are noticing how much CBD can improve their fitness routine and ways it can enhance their athletic performance. If you’re interested in improving your fitness routine and/or if you want to relieve pain or inflammation from your workouts, try CBD and enjoy the many benefits it’ll provide you with.