New Holiday CBD Gift Boxes

As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to make your gift list. Luckily, this year you won’t struggle to find excellent gifts for your loved ones. Infinite CBD will make gift giving easy and thoughtful with CBD gift boxes. This season, there’s an Infinite CBD product for everyone on your holiday gift list.

Our holiday CBD gift boxes allow the customer to choose up-to two products they wish to gift to their loved one, boss or postman. No matter who you are shopping for this holiday season, we have a CBD product that would go perfect into one of our CBD gift boxes.

The Morning Person

We all know a morning person. They’re a sunrise and coffee enthusiast and have dragged you out of bed on a number of occasions. This person can be difficult to shop for because when they need something, they tend to buy it themselves. For the morning person in your life, add Infinite CBD’s A.M. Capsules to your gift list.

Infinite CBD’s A.M. Capsules are ideal for a morning person. This product will provide them with the extra fuel they need have a productive day. As an antioxidant, the CBD in the A.M. Capsules will keep this individual sharp and focused throughout the day. Each capsule also contains 100 mg of caffeine, which has been extracted from organic coffee beans. 1 A.M. Capsule will provide the morning person with the equivalent of an 8 oz cup of coffee. This holiday season, there’s no better gift for the morning person.

The Night Owl

We all have a night owl on our holiday gift list. He or she is that person who tries to call you during the wee hours of the night, looking to have a long philosophical conversation. While this individual interrupts your sleep cycle, you love them dearly, which is why putting Infinite CBD’s P.M. Capsules on your gift list is essential.

Infinite CBD’s P.M. Capsules are perfect for the night owl in your life. The CBD content will help to balance the night owl’s endocannabinoid system, which heavily influences sleep patterns. Additionally, each capsule contains a small dose of melatonin, which is a natural sleep aid. Putting this on your gift list will give the night owl in your life the treasured gift of sleep. What is more thoughtful than that?

The Picky Eater

Finding a gift that pleases the picky eater in your life can quickly become overwhelming. This individual, no matter the age, has very specific likes and dislikes, which often limits the flexibility of your gift list. Even the pickiest of eaters enjoy Infinite CBD’s Astroid Gummies.

Infinite CBD’s Astroid Gummies are simple, delicious, and visually appealing – all things that will please the picky eater in your life. Not only do these gummies come in a variety pack with six delicious flavors, but they also contain CBD. Even a picky eater can’t dispute the amazing benefits of CBD, especially when it tastes just so darn good. With Astroid Gummies, the picky eater is sure to be so pleased, for once, with their gift.

The Pioneer

The pioneer is one of the easier individuals to shop for on your holiday gift list. This person is up to any challenge and will try anything if asked. “Yes” is one of their favorite words. This year, give the gift of Infinite CBD’s Rocket Ships to the pioneer in your life.

Infinite CBD”s Rocket Ships are an exciting gift for a pioneer. Whether or not they’re used suppositories before, the pioneer will be intrigued by absorbing the benefits of CBD through one of the most effective delivery methods in existence. The pioneer understands the importance of all frontiers, and will surely report back to you on their experience. If you’re hoping for some good stories this holiday season, giving Rocket Ships to the pioneer in your life will surely give you a few.

The Connoisseur

We all know a connoisseur. These individuals have a particular taste, frequent fancy restaurants, read reviews for fun, and are incredibly difficult to please during the holiday season. For some reason, no gift seems to be good enough. Well, this year the connoisseur has no idea how lucky they are because you’re going to introduce them to Infinite CBD’s Vape Cartridges.

Nothing is better than Infinite CBD’s Vape Cartridges. In addition to containing incredibly pure CBD isolate, these cartridges use only natural ingredients, providing the connoisseur in your life with a truly unique experience. Additionally, you can choose between 8 terpene profiles, giving the connoisseur a vape cartridge made specifically for their superior taste. CBD isolate, paired with flavorful terpenes, make for the ultimate holiday gift for the connoisseur in your life.

Mr. or Mrs. Aches and Pains

Everyone has a loved one who is in constant pain. Maybe they’re an old friend from college. Maybe it’s your Grandma. Either way, they are always in pain and always talking about it. Luck for them, you truly want to give the gift of recovery this holiday season. For Mr. or Mrs. Aches and Pains, Infinite CBD’s Freezing Point products are a must for your holiday gift list.

Infinite CBD’s Freezing Point products provide natural relief for your loved ones in perpetual pain. In addition to providing them with CBD’s powerful anti-inflammatory properties, Freezing Point products come in various forms. Whether you choose the cream or salve, your achy loved one will feel the benefits of an all-natural product. No matter what has caused their aches and pains, Freezing Point will provide them with much-needed relief over the holiday season.

The Trendsetter

Finding a gift for the trendsetter in your life can seem impossible. How do you get a gift for a person who is always 10 steps ahead of everyone? Infinite CBD has two gift list options for the trendsetter in your life.

Infinite CBD’s Isolate Dropper is an excellent gift for the trendsetter. The CBD Isolate Dropper is an incredibly versatile product that can be as on-the-go as the trendsetter needs. With the ability to consume it straight from the dropper, or mix into food, the CBD Isolate Dropper is a perfect companion for the trendsetter this holiday season.

Infinite CBD’s Absolute Zero is another fabulous holiday gift option for the trendsetter in your life. Absolute Zero can be used in dabs, mixed into smoothies, or sprinkled on top of holiday pie, giving your trendsetter endless options. Absolute Zero can be purchased without added terpenes, or with 1 of 9 different delicious terpene profiles. With this gift on your list, you really can’t go wrong – the trendsetter is very lucky to be on your list this year.

Holiday Gift Lists Made Easy

With Infinite CBD gift boxes this holiday season, creating the perfect gift list for your loved ones will be simple. Not only is there an Infinite CBD product for everyone in your life, but you’ll be giving them the thoughtful gift of Infinite CBD.