There are numerous CBD companies, all promising customers high-quality CBD products. Unfortunately, many companies fail to deliver on these promises, compromising their honor and your health. At Infinite CBD, we believe you should know what’s in your CBD products. This is why all Infinite CBD products are lab-tested.

The FDA Wants Transparency in the CBD Market

The Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, does not regulate the CBD market, but it does demand transparency. The FDA policies the CBD industry in two ways. First, they make sure that no health claims or curative statements are made about CBD products. Second, the FDA tests CBD product to ensure that companies are honest regarding the CBD and cannabinoid content of their products. If a CBD organization is found to be deceiving the public, the FDA issues a warning letter. Most recently, 4 CBD companies were issued FDA warning letters.

Lab-Tested CBD is Best For Customers

What’s the difference between CBD that isn’t tested and lab-tested CBD? A lot more than you think!

First and foremost, some CBD companies use potentially harmful solvents to extract their CBD. If it isn’t purified properly, your CBD could be contaminated. Contaminated CBD could be harmful to your health. Lab-tested CBD will tell you if there are any remaining solvents, providing you with peace-of-mind when consuming CBD products.

Many companies extract their CBD from hemp plants grown overseas, which exposes their customers to products made with less than reputable hemp. Infinite CBD makes a variety of CBD products from Colorado-grown hemp, which adheres to federal and state hemp regulations. When you are taking a product that is supposed to be beneficial, it’s disappointing to know that some companies don’t put your health first. A lab-test can show customers that they’re consuming high-quality CBD hemp products.

Some CBD companies deceive their customers. Unfortunately, this is a sad but true part of the CBD industry. CBD is helping people everywhere, but companies that put little to no CBD in their products hurt the entire community. Opponents of the CBD industry complain about feeling no benefits upon taking CBD – we’re willing to bet their CBD wasn’t lab-tested! More than ever before, it’s important to know what’s in your CBD products. At Infinite CBD, we’re happy to oblige.

This is Why Infinite CBD Products are Lab-Tested

Infinite CBD products are lab-tested. Why? Creating CBD products you can trust is of the utmost importance to us. Under our products, you can find and read the full lab-report on the latest batch of isolate. All products manufactured by us utilize the same CBD isolate. Our lab-report demonstrates the potency and purity of our CBD isolate across all products. You can read about the product’s potency, review the cannabinoid profile, and look at the complete analysis of the product.

If you, a loved one, your pet, or friend is going to try CBD, look for lab-tested products. Infinite CBD puts your health first by being a transparent CBD company. By sharing our lab results with you, we seek to show you why Infinite CBD products are high-quality isolates, made with our customers in mind.