CBD Use Doubles in Just One Year
When you hear about the United Kingdom, what comes to mind? Perhaps you think of the country’s exquisite architecture like Big Ben. Or maybe thoughts flow into your mind about the Beatles and/or other British musicians and celebrities. However, maybe something entirely different comes to mind whether it be a cultural or traditional aspect about the country. Regardless of what it may be, there’s a huge movement taking place that many people are unaware of, which focuses on CBD (Cannabidiol). In just one year, CBD use doubles throughout the UK.

Increased CBD Use in the UK

According to data that was recently collected by the UK’s Cannabis Trades Association, which oversees the CBD and hemp industry, it was found that CBD use doubles in just one year. In particular, it was revealed that 250,000 people are now using CBD to treat various health conditions. Additionally, the number of CBD users significantly increased from last year, which was only 125,000 users.

Regarding the same data, UK’s Cannabis Trades Association explained that the country gains around 1,000 new CBD users each month. Data shows the majority of CBD users are women. They use CBD as medicine to treat different medical conditions including anxiety, epilepsy/seizures, and back pain. The medical benefits and properties CBD contains are enough for people to give it a try. Traditional pharmaceutical medications often bring unwanted negative side effects.

UK’s Recognition of CBD as a Medicine

Before October 2016, UK government officials didn’t view cannabis as a medicine. It was considered an illegal substance that gets people high. However, that’s just half of the story. Fortunately, last year, UK’s government recognized the true medicinal value and potential of CBD. Officials stated that the cannabinoid contains restoring, correcting, and/or modifying properties.

Furthermore, Mike Harlington, chairman of the UK’s Cannabis Trade Association explained in a Marijuana.com article that medical professionals and researchers have known about the body’s endocannabinoid system for 40 some years. However, it has been ignored for quite some time. The stigma on cannabis remains. Due to the evidence that has been collected by various institutions, universities, and labs, there’s no reason as to why CBD shouldn’t be available as an alternative medicine. As CBD becomes more recognized, CBD use doubles.

Background of Marijuana Usage in the UK

Although many North American countries are progressively moving forward regarding marijuana legalization and decriminalization, several European countries including the UK are moving in a completely different direction by prohibiting the usage of marijuana, especially marijuana that contains THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).

However, even though marijuana is illegal in the UK, CBD products aren’t as long as they don’t contain any THC. Recently, in October of 2016, England gained significant momentum regarding the medicinal cannabis movement. During that time, the UK’s Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency allowed for the legal sales of CBD, which translated into CBD oil being classified as a medicine. To say this was a monumental moment in UK history is an understatement.

After this move was made, UK’s Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency backtracked and put requirements in place that manufacturers had to follow. These requirements consisted of manufacturers attaining a specific medical license to legally sell CBD products, as mentioned in a CivilizedLife article. As a result, many CBD companies and other retail businesses found ways to get around this requirement by claiming that their CBD products/supplements are a food product. By labeling their CBD products as a form of food rather than medicine, they avoid the need for a medical license, according to DailyMailUK.

The UK’s lengthy and expensive medical license application process, manufacturers and suppliers have resorted to selling their products as food supplements instead. Few suppliers have 103,000 euros available to put towards obtaining a special medical license to become a CBD distributor. Therefore, selling CBD products as food supplements is the next best alternative.

Buying CBD

Since CBD products can be sold as food supplements throughout the UK, people don’t have to rely on just online retailers. However, it’s essential to buy CBD products that are properly and accurately labeled. This way, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting and what dose is best for you and your specific condition, disease, and/or illness.

Due to the wide variety of medical problems that have sprouted up in recent years and the progression of existing diseases, more and more people have shifted their attention to natural alternatives like cannabis and CBD. Although CBD isn’t legal everywhere, it’s gaining momentum and popularity for valid reasons, but mostly because it works as an effective natural medicine with little to no side effects. How residents purchase CBD is another reason contributing to why CBD use doubles in the past year.

An ending quote comes from Mike Harlington who told MerryJane the following about CBD and the role it plays regarding cannabinoid deficiencies, “Cannabinoid deficiencies are starting to become understood by the medical world, and it’s slowly becoming obvious that cannabinoids like CBD are actually essential for general health and well-being.”

Whether you live in the UK or are visiting, keep in mind that you can legally purchase CBD products from a licensed CBD distributor or from a retailer that sells the products as food supplements. However, make sure you know what you’re getting before you purchase it. Hopefully the UK will legalize medical whole-plant cannabis next due to the huge success CBD legalization has brought, but only time will tell.